Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beauty of Japanese Design

Are you longing for a simpler lifestyle? Do you think that the way your current home is organized is too messy and busy for your taste? Then perhaps it’s time to switch to a more relaxing atmosphere that can be brought to you by having Asian furniture for a change. You can set up a garage sale so you can dispose off your old furnishings and other home items. Oriental furniture is in, messy furniture is out. I know it’s sometimes hard to let go of old furniture and home items especially if there’s a lot of history involved like antique dining room furniture for instance. You can give them instead to a family member or friend in need of furniture or you can remodel or repolish it to make it adapt to the new style of your home.

Speaking of style, you can learn a lot of home interior decorating ideas with the way Asians design their homes. Look at Japanese decor for instance. Their houses are usually bare except for a tatami mats on the floor, low coffee tablesand shoji screens as dividers. Basically, their house designs and floor plans are typically very simple with not so much stuff and ornaments around. This is because Japanese are used to living in smaller so they have to maximize the floor space they have. This kind of thinking is very integral in the Japanese lifestyle. Careful planning for your home interiors is what you would need if you have the same concern about the use of space in your home. Perhaps you can try having floor mirror|wall mirror|vanity mirror installed to make a particular room in your house appear larger than it really is.

As for many of you who typically live in big houses, you can still apply the same principle as the Japanese. By choosing your furniture well, we can still experience the same kind of zen lifestyle. For example, instead of using shoji screens as dividers, you can have tansu instead. Tansu is very artistic. It creates a lot of storage and display area for your precious possessions and makes for a very stylish divider. You’re not only able to maximize your floor space, but you have made your room light up with its unique Japanese-inspired design as well. An home interior decorator would be so proud of you!